Tela Andrews

Building products and businesses for positive change.

Minimum Viable Life Change

I don’t shy away from risk or change. I may actually seek it more than I think. I recently left my job on the product team at Moz (a company I really admire, and that allowed me tremendous growth and learning opportunities). As I plan my next adventure, I’m also taking the time to savor my time off and be productive.

But I want to make sure that I make positive changes and create growth opportunities that carry through to a time when I’m contributing full-time in a new role. So I defined the minimum viable change I want to make to my life. I’ll be blogging on each of these, as well as other topics including UX and design, product management, technology, art and entrepreneurship in future posts.

Hack my Health

I cheated a little bit by starting this before I left Moz. But, I started this life change while on vacation with my family, so I think that balances out. My goal is simple: To...

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